10 Ways To Instantly Download Your Copywriting Brain And Bust Through Writers Block


10 Ways To Instantly Download Your Copywriting Brain And Bust Through Writers Block

If you don’t have the right mindset I promise your copy will stink to high heaven. Not only will you not get the sales you want, but you won’t build relationships with your prospects over the long haul (which is way more important to me than a quick sale). I have the reputation of being a marketer who shares valuable information at no cost to you.

And today I am going to tell you things about how to instantly download the mind of a copywriter so your copy will be as powerful as it can possibly be. Some of these methods will no doubt raise some eyebrows, but be assured… they WORK!

1) Turn off your email and the phone. Removing all distractions should be a no-brainer but sometimes you just need to be reminded. When it’s time to write copy, you should let the outside world into your sacred space.

2) Read something you would NOT normally read. It is very easy to get stuck in a rut if you are surrounding yourself with the same type of information. Shake up your brain a little.

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  • If you are a woman, try reading “Guns and Ammo”.
  • Men, pick up your latest “Cosmo”.
  • Conservatives check out “Maxim”.
  • Liberals grab “The American Conservative”.

3) Wear “copywriting” clothes. Many professional copywriters have a “suit” or a specific piece of clothing they wear each day to work. When you don that outfit or hat or shoes, you know mentally it is time to get down to business. Just like Superman, when the job is done, you can change.

4) Read someone else’s killer copy. Nothing better to get you in the mood than by reading professional copy that has a true cadence and persuasiveness. My favorite copywriting swipes are from John Carlton, Ali Brown, Gary Halbert (RIP), Marie Forleo, and, yes, even mine.

5) Set a timer. When you know there’s an end in sight, you can more easily work using quick bursts of focused energy. I alternate between a 15 minute chunk of time and a 5 minute chunk. Funny enough, I get more done with the 5 minute chunks because I don’t allow ANY STOPS during that time. I don’t always use that time frame because it takes a mental toll after multiple 5 minute chunks in a row.

6) Take a nap. A NASA study showed a 26-minute nap can boost performance by 34%. The fact is most people are naturally tired in the afternoon anyway (about 8 hours after waking). Our biological clocks are built that way. Research is very clear that naps reduce stress, increase productivity, perk up patience, and improve brain function.

7) Do something that makes you feel good. You are the creator of the future masterpiece. When you feel taken care of it is so much easier to openly create. So get a massage, pet your pet, enjoy some nookie with your partner… whatever makes you smile.

8) Light a good-smelling candle or some incense. Smell is one of the most powerful senses we have. Personally I use a pink grapefruit candle by Trapp which is incredibly fragrant. Grapefruit has an energizing effect.

9) Listen to inspiring music and move. Shifting up your energy helps loosen up your brain flow and memory. In fact, increased oxygen and blood flow to the brain actually helps form NEW BRAIN CELLS by activating growth-stimulating hormones in your brain.

10) Create a system for yourself (or learn someone else’s). Earlier I recommended two powerful opportunities for you to get this skill in your arsenal ASAP. The only one still available is virtually using Carlton’s “Simple Writing System”. Whatever works for you, copywriting is something you’re simply going to need for every single promotion and marketing message you want to put out there.

Give yourself a pay raise by learning to do it well.