Download A Successful Self Image From The Future How?


Download A Successful Self Image From The Future How?

An old Chinese saying says: (in Chinese Pinyin) Ren kao yi zhuang, fo kao jin zhuang (Translation by meaning) Fine feather makes find bird. It also means that people are usually judged by what he or she is wearing.

Although it is true in some cases, it ignored one very important thing- the inner personal image which decided by people’s mind and soul. It can be told by every movement and every blink whether the person is confident, honest, kind, generous or not. I always heard someone saying that he didn’t trust the salesman. Not because that sales person was not wearing a suit and tie. It’s because of his unsuccessful inner personal image. How to build a successful personal image so that people will trust you and like you the moment they saw you?

The only way is to set up or change to a higher self image. Science and psychology have isolated the one prime cause of the results you get in your life: the hidden image you hold of yourself, which is known as self image. This self image operates like the thermostat in your home. Once your image is set, your life is on course to produce the physical manifestation of the mental image you hold. If you want others to trust you, you have to trust yourself first. A person who is lack of confident, has no big dreams or has low self esteem could earn nobody’s trust, including himself.

Now you may think: “Are you telling me to take a year round self development course which costs hundreds or even thousands dollars? I have spent too much money on that. It’s so hard to build so called winner’s image. It will work in maybe 1year, 2years or even 5 years. But I couldn’t afford wasting any time or any money. I want the change right now!”

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The truth is if you really what to change, you can change it right away. I figure out a way which makes me change easily and quickly. I call it “downloading”. You can download the successful self image from the future. How?

Have you seen those science fiction movies talking about time machine? People can travel back and forth from the future. Even though the physical body cannot travel through the time as far as today’s science discovers, your mind or spirit can. If I ask you to think of the future, you can think of it in no second. So, imagine you are not current you anymore. You are that successful person in the future. You enjoy a wonderful life: big house, nice car, good relationship, happy family, wonderful career. You are healthy, wealthy and of course confident. You have such a high self image. Now, download it into your current physical body. What will you do and what will you say in your higher self image point of view? Of course you will act differently and think differently. Your higher self image already knows you will be successful in the future. It just travels back to the past and lead your body to achieve it. No doubt about it. Your body will then cooperate with the higher self image. That way you successfully change into a higher self image.