Download Free Psp Games On The Memory Stick


Download Free PSP Games On The Memory Stick

So, you want to download some PSP games on the memory stick? I’ll tell you how to do just that.

This is what you do. First of all, you can’t download directly to the PSP memory stick. You have to download to your computer, and then transfer it to the PSP memory stick. And before you can play downloaded games you have to modify your PSP from the official version to a custom version. That’s a more involved process. but you can find out how to do that through the link at the bottom.

So, in order to download games and save them to your Memory Stick, do the following:

1. Get a good memory stick. I recommend that you get a Memory Stick Duo in at least a 1 GB size, though a 2 GB is even better.

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2. Find and download the PSP games you want. If you don’t know where to find the games try a download service. A good one will let you have unlimited downloads for a small one-time fee. You can see the link below for more information.

3. Unzip the game files and save them somewhere that you can find them easily, like your desktop.

4. Plug your PSP USB cable into your PSP and your computer.

5. For PSP games- go the the root directory on your PSP then make a folder called ISO. (If you downloaded PSOne games, go to the root directory on your PSP and find the folder called PSP/GAME.)

6. Copy the PSP game files into the ISO folder. (Copy PSOne game files into the PSP/GAME folder.)

There- it’s that simple. Now that you know how to download PSP games on the memory stick, just follow the link at the bottom and get started finding some games to download.