Download Zune – Updating Your Device


Download Zune – Updating Your Device

If there is anything you should know about Microsoft products like the Zune, it’s that you should download Zune updates so that your device will work in the best condition possible. Zune update is a basically a download that will improve the firmware of the player. Firmware is a computer program that is embedded in a hardware device, the hardware in this case being the Zune. It is something between hardware and firmware and it can be upgraded so that it performs much better. Firmware updates are similar to those found in many recent cellular phones as well.

How Do I know What Firmware My Zune Has?

The Basic – Every Zune unit has a basic firmware out of the box and the very first firmware was version 1.0 (193). This is the original firmware that the Zune device had when installed in the factory for the 30 GB series. This firmware of course was with the first generation of Zune players and the newest is now an 80 GB manifestation so it has a more advanced firmware. To know what kind of firmware your Zune has you can do the following:

– On the Zune Home screen, select settings, and press the center of the Zune pad. – Select About, and press the center button. – Select Zune, and press the center button.

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After following those steps, the firmware version should be displayed on the screen and then you can determine whether or not you need a firmware upgrade by visiting the Microsoft website to check if there are any upgrades available.

What Version Firmware Is Available So Far?

The nice thing about Microsoft is that you can actually trace the firmware updates for the Zune and there have been quite a few since they want consumers to get the best from the device. Here are some of the versions that are available for the device and what the updates do to improve the devices performance:

Version 1.1 – Enabled Zune to Zune wireless sharing and improved overall performance. The wireless feature is turned on by default in this update and can be deactivated by going to Settings / Wireless and then turning it off manually.

Version 1.2 – Helped to improve performance as well as stability of that performance.

Version 1.4 – Improved the shuffling behavior of the device.

Version 2.0 – The original factory version for the Zune 4GB, 8GB, and 80GB devices.

Version 2.1 – Improved functionality and performance, but this update was not widely distributed to Zune users.

Version 2.2 – Updated device functionality and improved performance, like helping to download Zune content better and faster over WIFI.

Version 2.3 – The latest update which still has the wireless feature on by default.

Firmware updates are anything but speedy. It takes hardware and software developers a lot of time to develop these updates and they have to make sure that these updates will install properly on all devices sold to the end user. This is the reason why there are not able to download Zune updates whenever they want but only when they are available.