How Do I Download Music From Youtube To My Usb For Free?


How Do I Download Music From YouTube To My Usb for Free?

YouTube is a bountiful resource for videos, especially for music videos. If you would like to download them to extract the music files, you’ll need an MP3 converter or YouTube downloader. You can save the music file to a USB drive or to your computer. if you have a video on YouTube that you’d like to transfer to a USB device, then you’ll need to first capture and convert the video onto your computer. You can then use a USB cable to transfer the captured video file to your device.

Step 1

Log into YouTube, and find the video whose audio you would like to isolate. Copy the video’s URL, and in a new browser, visit a website like or Paste the video’s URL into the Paste link here field, make sure the field just below indicates.mp3, these sites all work just about the same exact way, and all allow you to capture YouTube videos, then press Start

Step 2

Click on the option to download video from a website.

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Step 3

Click the download button. After a few moments, a link should appear. Click on that link to download your YouTube video.

Step 4

Hook up your USB device to your computer. Click on the “open” option once that pops up automatically on your computer screen. Open your default download folder. Click and drag your YouTube file from your computer to your USB device folder.

It should be relatively simple to transfer music stored on your computer onto a USB flash drive. As long as you know where your music is stored on your computer, then it should be a simple case of copying and pasting the music files onto the USB drive once you have plugged it in.

If you are using a computer with the Windows operating system, then you can take the following steps:

Plug the USB flash drive into one of the empty USB ports in your computer.

Open Windows Explorer. The USB drive should appear on ‘My Computer’ as the E drive. It may be referred to as a ‘Removable Drive’ or you may already have given it a different name.

The USB drive should appear on ‘My Computer’ as the E drive.

Open another Windows Explorer window and locate where you store all of the music files on your computer that you want to transfer

Right-click on the music/video files you want and select ‘Copy’

Return to the window containing the USB drive and select ‘Paste’

Repeat these steps until all the music you want to transfer has been dropped into the USB flash drive folder.

Once you have done this and you want to remove the USB drive from your computer, make sure that you select the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ or ‘Eject’ option to ensure that the data on the drive are not corrupted or lost.