Ncaa Football Rosters For Ps3 – How To Download


NCAA Football Rosters for PS3 – How to Download

Electronic Arts’ phenomenal NCAA collegiate football video game swept over millions of gamers in US. Since it’s been created, more and more video game aficionados went gaga over it because it never ends on being developed – each year, new interesting features get included. These addictive video game features, especially the latest versions of the game, include:

– Dynasty mode


– fight songs

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– tuned up game play

– special teams

– campus challenges

– ability to create and edit players and names

– released for PlayStation and Xbox

– allows well-performing players to lead by example (Leadership Control)

Aside from the fun that the real NCAA football brings and now has been converted to game series, as mentioned, it is now made available to modern game console players, particularly PS2 and PS3.

Many NCAA football enthusiasts, to have more fun, prefer to customize their games by changing the names of their players in their teams. However, there’s the common newbie player dilemma of not knowing how to download the NCAA rosters to their PS3 systems. What? You’re one of them? Don’t fret here’s how you can download the NCAA rosters for your PS3.

a. On your flash drive, create a folder for your PS3 to facilitate the transfer from your computer to the flash drive.

b. Download the file to your computer. After downloading it, extract the file to your desktop using WINRAR.

c. Now insert your USB storage device into your computer’s slot.

d. Open the USB storage device. It should display a window on your computer.

e. You create a new folder on your USB storage device and name the folder PS3. It’s important to name it PS3 so that your PS3 system will recognize the roster folder

f. Find the SAVEDATA file extracted from

g. To save the file on the USB storage device, you can drag the SAVEDATA folder or copy and paste SAVEDATA folder into the PS3 folder located in the USB storage device.

h. To load it to your PS3 system, without putting the game in the system, start PS3. Sign in only with the username you dedicated to the roster file.

i. Plug in the USB device into the USB slot of the PS3.

J. Go to PS3 menu to get to the “Game” section.

k. Scroll down to “Saved Data Utility, then click “x”.

l. Pick “USB Device”, then press “x”.

m. Pick “NCAA Football 08” or any NCAA Football game version. Click “triangle” then “copy”.

n. The file will be copied to the hard drive of the PS3 system. Just insert NCAA 08 or any version and voila! You’re ready to play with your freshly-downloaded rosters!