Tells Stories Through Food Photography


Tells Stories Through Food Photography

Tells Stories Through Food Photography – Interested in learning about food photography or often referred to as food photography? So the article about some of the introduction of food photography tips is proper to read. You may often go to the bookstore and found a lot of food recipe books, culinary tourism which contains a lot of pictures of food that can make you salivate, and wondering how the taste of food.

Tells Stories Through Food Photography
Tells Stories Through Food Photography

Colorful vegetables are covered with sauce and served on a white plate clean with the order of the table is so beautiful. The scene may be familiar to your audience and performer photography. Sometimes the books presented was that the focus is not an issue or where culinary recipes, but food that is the main character.

But how do you photograph the food?

lighting – Treat food to shoot like you are shooting a model that is so charming and make sure the subject of getting enough light. There are so many pictures of food in food photography is not feasible encountered both in print and internet media is caused by a lack of light at the time of the shooting. One of the best places to do food photography is near a window with natural sunlight. Flash is reflected off the ceiling might be able to support and provide a more balanced light to minimize shadows a bit strong. Photographing the light of the sun will make the food will look more natural.

1. Proportion – Do not just pay attention to the layout of the food served, but also the context in which the food was served including a plate or bowl and also setting around the table. Do not mess with the photo shooting tables full in the frame, but also consider entering one or two additional elements such as glass, fork, flower or napkin. you can place it in the front or back but not as the main focus.

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2. Do not shoot too long – Food tend not able to longer looks tempting, so prepare well before shooting your photographic device, you will be required to be able to take pictures as soon as possible after the food is cooked, if it is too long then the food will melt, look wilted and had changed color. This means that preparation is absolutely necessary. Know what you want before the food is cooked. One strategy that can be done is before the food out of the kitchen, you have set all the properties to the desired proportions, and take some pictures with just a blank plate or sample it to get the right exposure. You just replace the food sample when the actual food was ready to be photographed.

3. Give style of food – How to set a plate of food is important. Give more attention to the balance when shooting food (color, shape, etc.) and give a bit of space on the frame (rule-of-third). One effective way to learn this is to see the work of professional photographers.

4. Give additional if necessary – One tip you can do is feel free to provide additional touch that you need, such as applying vegetable oil using your hands on the surface of food to make it look more shiny on your photo.

5. Use a low angle – a common mistake made ??by beginner photographers is shooting from the top of the plate. Perhaps this is the case in some circumstances, but in most cases you will get the photo with the most photographed of the low angle, almost the same level view of the plate is located.

6. Macro – Really focus on one part of the presentation of the food could be an effective way to highlight the different elements.

7. Steam – Photographing food with steam coming from food can give the impression that the food was cooked well, but it is difficult to obtain naturally. Some food-stylist for food photography to share stories that usually they accidentally add steam, by placing the heated water and the cotton is placed behind the food. These tips can be said to be a little complicated, but it’s an interesting trick is not it?